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Thread: Video link posted not visible

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    Video link posted not visible

    When I post a video like in this one, using "Insert Video" tool, it doesn't appear in my post (at least to me).

    Does anyone else see this video - or even the hyper-link? They are both not showing for me.
    I am running IE8 with normal settings - Medium-High security setting for the Internet under Tools, Internet Options.

    (Edit - that's wierd, I see the links to videos when I am editing, but not in normal view)

    (Edit2 - I can see the links when I go under "Thread Tools" and pick "Show Printable Version" - but that is only way)
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    08: Jan-NegrilTreehouse
    08: Nov-RoomsOnTheBeach, Ochi & TobysResort, MoBay
    09: Apr-Legends, Negril
    09: Dec-Legends, Negril
    10: Apr-HolidayInnSunspree, Mobay & SeastarInn, Negril
    10: Nov&Dec-SeastarInn & FunHoliday, Negril & SunsetResort, Treasure Beach
    11: Mar-FootePrints & NegrilBeachClubCondos, Negril
    11: Sep-Legends, Negril
    12: Sep-SeastarInn, Negril
    13: Mar-Match Resort & Bay View Resort, Port Antonio & El Greco, MoBay
    13: Dec-SeastarInn & Shields, Negril & VerneyHouse, MoBay

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    This is Test using Go Advanced, and removing the check to "Automatically parse links in text" - to see if changes anything for me.

    (Edit - Made no difference, still not visible link or video)

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    This is test just posting the link - not using the "Insert Video" tool.

    (Edit - That's a little better, I can at least see the link and click it to follow.
    I saw post on the "Belly Flop" thread where I could see the actual YouTube video - anyone know steps to do that?)
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    Re: Video link posted not visible

    That's weird - first time I have checked back but videos now show up in both above posts.
    Maybe it just takes longer than a few minutes for them to show up?

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