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Thread: Life is good...

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    Life is good...

    Staying in Sagi tonight because our A/C in Sun is on the fritz. Great dinner at Blue Mahoe. Ran into Rob and Lisa at Ivan's bar. Gotta love it!

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    Re: Life is good...

    Sagi is a substitute room? LOL. That has to be a first.......

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    Re: Life is good...

    Sagi is the best substitute room! Awesome to see you guys! Dont tell anyone but Lisa wants your hair! (grin)
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    Re: Life is good...

    Nice! Enjoy :-)

    Bless my eyes this morning
    JAH sun is on the rise once again
    The way earthly things are going
    Anything can happen...

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    Re: Life is good...


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    Re: Life is good...

    Quote Originally Posted by booger View Post
    Sagi is a substitute room? LOL. That has to be a first.......
    I don't even know what you sound like, but I can hear you saying this! I'd say that's a helluva substitute!!

    You never see it coming ... and the next thing you know ... UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

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    Re: Life is good...

    Me too! I was thinking....WHAT?!?!?! There was actually a day that Sagi wasn't booked?! lol

    Best substitute EVER!

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    Re: Life is good...

    Yes a nice sub....miss seeing everyone this May....soon come though
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    Re: Life is good...

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    Life is good. Someone must have cancelled, because originally we were supposed to be in Sagi. It was a pleasure meeting you guys. I think it an honor to see you upon your arrival last week and your departure today. Maybe one day we will get to spend more than five minutes together, but I do not beleive in getting in the way of romance. And you can tell the Thrill is Still there.

    You guys are a beautiful couple. Safe Journey.

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    Re: Life is good...

    It was so great meeting you both!! - I agree with Doctoro, you guys are a beautiful couple
    So glad you got to enjoy at night at Sagi!! That's really awesome!

    How did you like Blue Mahoe? What did you guys order?
    Man, I still dream about the coconut shrimp...
    Carpe Diem

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    Re: Life is good...

    Doctoro - Thank you - we enjoyed meeting you too. Look forward to seeing you again (maybe before next May). Dennis and I just love that place. Hope you and your family have a grand time!

    Daisy - takes a great couple to know one ;-). We loved Blue Mahoe. The coconut shrimp was awesome. Dennis assures me the steak was great, too. I had the blue mahoe chicken and it was delish. Very nice spot - took the tour. Will plan on visiting next trip for waterside cabana massage

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    Re: Life is good...

    What a nice picture of the two of you! Nice to see that Catcha's gardens are coming back to life. I was there during tropical storm Nicole and saw the gardens both before and after the devastation. See you on the chats!

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