Rockhouse Restaurant
Jamaican cuisine is a complex mix of all the cultures that have come to her shores. The native Arawak Amerindians, the Chinese, the Spanish, the English and the Indians all brought their own culinary staples and cooking techniques when they settled on the island. More recently, Rastafarians, upholding the ideals of vegetarianism, have placed emphasis on natural foods. Drawing from these diverse roots, Rockhouse, offers both traditional Jamaican cooking and our interpretation of New Jamaican cuisine. 
Rockhouse is home to three of Negril's most talked about restaurants; the Rockhouse Restaurant & Bar, Pushcart Restaurant & Rum Bar, and the Pool Grill & Bar. The Rockhouse Restaurant features new Jamaican cuisine, a lighter, modern interpretation of classic Jamaican cooking. In 2009, the Rockhouse introduced the Pushcart Restaurant & Rum Bar located next door at the Pirate's Cave, offering guests an opportunity to enjoy traditional Jamaican street food and authentic home cooking while sampling the Caribbean's finest rums. At the Pool Bar & Grill there is a luncheon menu of jerk chicken, seafood and burgers all prepared on an open grill and featuring the Pool Grill's famous jerk mayonnaise. All three restaurants are perched cliff side - reach out and you can almost touch Negril's spectacular sunset. The vibe is always laid back; you'll find that bare feet are more common than dress shoes.
Rockhouse Restaurant
Rockhouse Restaurant
Rockhouse Restaurant
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West End Road, Negril, Jamaica Tel: 1.876.957.4373 Fax: 1.876.957.0557


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