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This is where the party starts and continues year round. Below you will find all the stuff you want to know. For the most current listing of who is playing in and around Negril, just check out our listing below. Thank you for making it Negril. Irie.

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Welcome to the Bars and Entertainment section of Negril! Below you will find some of the great bars you can visit on your holiday in Negril! This is by no means a comprehensive listing, we will be adding more each month so please keep checking back for the latest in fun to be found around Negril! And please remember that almost all of the hotels and resorts have some great bars of their own so there should be something to fit every taste! To see the Negril Shows & Events listing, please be sure to scroll down beneath the Bar listing! There is much information on this site, please feel free to click on any of our highlighted links! Enjoy!


Negril Bars
dot in Jamaica Red Dragon dot in Jamaica No Limit (Little Red Bar) dot in Jamaica Woodstock Bar
dot in Jamaica C&D's Country Western Bar dot in Jamaica Natural Mystic Bar dot in Jamaica Sunnyside Bar
dot in Jamaica Drifters Bar dot in Jamaica German Bar dot in Jamaica Sun Beach Bar
dot in Jamaica Errol's Sunset Cafe & Bar dot in Jamaica Seaview Corner Bar dot in Jamaica Sir D's Firewater Bar
dot in Jamaica Firefly Bar dot in Jamaica Pamela's Bar - Orange Bay dot in Jamaica Whoopees Hammock Park
dot in Jamaica Swordfish Bar    


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