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  1. Reggae Month February 2015, come celebrate a 420 Jamaica Adventure Vacation

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    Jahhiya Promotions & Simba Puma Production
    Present : < 420 Jamaica Adventure Vacation >
    Come Celebrate Reggae Month February 2015, In Negril Jamaica , Bob Marley Birthday Celebration in Kingston , Peter Tosh Celebration in Belmont Westmoreland and Many Reggae Event all across the Island .
    One week of Adventures an fun in the sun , A the real thing Mon !
    Accommodation ,Transportation From your Hotels to Special Events,, Adventures, One Day Bar Crawl with Dinner,,
  2. Off beach dress code

    Will be visiting Negril for first time in November. I've read elsewhere that although shorts are acceptable on the beaches they are not commonly worn in town. Also saw that jeans are frowned upon as well. Is this true and what is recommended wear for around town? Sundresses? Appreciate any input.
  3. Destination Negril Jamaica

    Destination Jamaica through the eyes of newly appointed director at the Jamaica Tourism Board Paul Pennicook. The destination has seen a significant increase in the number of hotel chains that are now part of the local landscape.

    This development has elevated the Island tourism product to be more competitive in the international marketplace, offering diversity in taste, experience and price point.

    Jamaica Tourism Board is in the process of investing in mobile technology
  4. Red Stripe?

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    Samsara in west end has red stripe on tap
    Legends has it on tap, too
    Ive had it at Legends and it was cold
  5. Invest in Jamaica Health Tourism

    Dr Clarence McGaw of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University Hospital of the West Indies, called for greater attention to the development of health tourism as a way to solve several of Jamaica productivity issues.

    Drs Joesph Blidgen and Clarence McGaw believe that the first-world standard of care by surgeons in Jamaica coupled with the private sector will create another area in tourism industry that would earn foreign exchange to the Island.

    The cost of major