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Thread: around & about Port Antonio

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    Hi Sam I Am

    I stayed at Tim Bamboo and yes I travelled alone. I used a driver for distant rides and tours, but did a lot of walking because the hotel is within walking distance of down town.

    I don’t know when you are planning to go, but this particular hotel is running a special in October that includes hotel stay, three days of touring and airport transfers for under $350. If you are anyone else is interested in the details, just let me know.

    Please do consider seeing beautiful Port Antonio for yourself. I feel in love with Portland and can’t endorse it enough.

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    The famed Boston Jerk center was alive and overly active this visit. Customers yell their orders over the sound of cleavers chopping down on a variety of jerked meat turning a individual portion into bite size pieces. The spicy, jerk sausage became one of my food addictions.

    The Boston Jerk Center, which includes a market area, is about 20 minutes from down town Port Antonio and worth the trip down. Do go early to mid afternoon. They run out of food quickly on weekends.

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    Thanks for more pictures VI! This is our first time staying in PA but have spent a day there before. We went to Sommerset falls, Boston Beach, Frenchman's Cove and the Blue Lagoon. I am sooo looking forward to going back and spending some real time at these places.
    I do have a few food question (i'm a foodie)...since Boston jerk center is fairly popular, what are the prices for a dinner, say, quarter chicken & festival? Did you see lobsters or crabs being served anywhere? Are there fishermen on the beach that we can meet to buy from directly?

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    Right next to the jerk center is Boston Beach...

    The beach was packed this day so I decided to sit on grassy hill to watch the folks splash around. I also got a treat to see the water skiers practicing for competition which was two weeks after I left. It was so cool to watch them maneuver the flat boards on the water and let the waves bring them to shore.

    The jelly coconut was surprisingly cold! Very refreshing and the inside was full of jelly or “meat”.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeannieb View Post
    I do have a few food question (i'm a foodie)...since Boston jerk center is fairly popular, what are the prices for a dinner, say, quarter chicken & festival? Did you see lobsters or crabs being served anywhere? Are there fishermen on the beach that we can meet to buy from directly?
    Jeanneb….shoot I honestly don’t remember the prices at the Jerk Center! HOWEVER I will make a call tonight and post them as soon as I find out. As far as lobster…I had a very tasty lobster meal at Dickies Best Kept Secret. I will post more info/tips, with pictures, about his place when I get to that part.

    I’ll also give you details about ALL the places I dinned as I continue to post.

    Where will you be staying? Knowing your location will help me make some suggestions.

    Oh, please consider a rafting ride down the Rio Grande. I did it on my first visit and plan to do it on the next. I’ll post a couple of pictures of my trip. It was amazing.

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    We will be staying at Search Me Heart. I have been told there are a few great food stands nearby and a burger place called Woody's. I can't say I've ever had a burger in Jamaica. We thought about Rio Grande (what's the cost?) but not sure if it'll fit into our busy schedule of do-nothingness. Actually, we have a day planned of Reich Falls, Sommerset falls and maybe Long Bay. One thing I AM GOING TO DO is take a trip to Navy Island. The history of the area is amazing and I thought about a trip to Maroon town but not sure how welcoming the residents are to curious travelers.

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    I passed the entrance to SMH many times, but never got back there to look at the property, but I hear it’s lovely. You’ll be submerged in Portland’s lush vegetation. Drapers is a nice location about 10-15 minute drive from town. You can get a route taxi from the main road. Not sure what a chartered ride would cost.

    I’ve been to Woody’s on a previous visit, but wasn’t hungry so I didn’t taste one of those famous burgers. However my friend said she enjoyed her. I can tell you they are huge.

    As far as lobsters…besides Dickies you can get a lobster meal at Anna Banana and Norma’s on the pier/marina.

    I was informed the Jerk Center sells grilled lobster also. I wish I knew that while I was there. They have a separate grill for seafood. Was told the roasted fish is excellent.

    Chicken at the Jerk Center is sold at 300J a quarter.
    Jerk pork is 900J a pound
    Sausage is 1,200J a pound (oh my mouth is watering!)

    Fish and lobsters are priced according to size.

    The organized tours to Navy Island have stopped. Like you, I became fascinated by its past and wanted to still go if it were safe to do so. I searched and found a boat captain who was willing to putter me over, but he was having maintenance done on his boat. I was leaving before it would be back on the water. But I’ve kept in touch with him to arrange a drift over on my next visit. I’ll definitely let you know how that goes.

    Oh do consider the rafting experience. The 2-3 hour drift is exceptionally relaxing as well as stimulating to the eyes. The view of the Blue Mountains and surrounding, thick greenery will take your breath away. The cost depends on where you book. Going through a tour company ($60 - $75 a raft) is more than directly contacting a licensed captain who owns his own bamboo raft. If you are interested, I can get in contact with a captain and pass on a price and his number to you that way you can decide at your leisure.

    I see you and I could travel together as we have another interest in common. Moore Town, the home of the Maroons. Let me tell you, going to MT that was the highlight of my visit. Everything about that place, the people, the culture and the vast land is awesome. I’ll post a view pictures soon.

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    A few shots of the 2011 Jerk Festival

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    I’ve got to say a little sumtin bout this lady.

    Meet Miss Kitty

    She is the BEST female MC I’ve ever heard! She’s quick, funny, charismatic, and talented. She rocked the house with her introductions, jokes and stories. I loved how she had no problem telling it like it is when it comes to practicing safe sex, keeping hygiene in check, and just being a responsible adult…..all delivered very tactfully.

    She would be what Monique should be if Monique had talent.

    The last comment is MHO of course.

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