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Thread: Can't decide where to stay

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    I have Libra at Catcha for the last 2 weeks of November. Whoo hoo. Love Negril that time of year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mister-ed View Post
    Thanks for all the good ideas. Booked 9 days at Bar B Barn and 7 days at CoCo but as mentioned, will have to move rooms at CoCo once because they are filling up fast. 16 days in decadent, I know but, why not. Now if you all can just make sure the weather is perfect......
    you picked two of the better places on da beach............
    we will be really interested to see your take on the two........

    Cool Runnings, Marko
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    Quote Originally Posted by mister-ed View Post
    16 days is decadent, I know but, why not.......
    Exactly ... that is why we only booked for 15 day. No guilt!

    "Don't be no cloud on a sunny day" - Volkswagen's "Get Happy" Super Bowl ad

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    Good choices, but totally different properties! Can't wait for a comparison report! Did you get breakfast included at both places?
    "Enjoy Every Sandwich"-Warren Zevon

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