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Thread: Remembering...

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    Those of us at Negril.com have faced many different days since the site started back in 1995, but none have been as difficult as September 11th, 2001. That day effected us all. We are forever thankful for all the amazing people who have been a part of our Negril Boardie Family.

    As a small tribute to the memory of those who perished that day - here at a couple links to our daily Negril Today pages as the events were occuring.



    We will always remember....

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    I was in Negril on that day. I watched the towers get hit in the bar at Xtabi. It was incredible how the people of Jamaica opened their arms and hearts to us during that time. There are so many things about that trip that I will never forget.

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    As a bookend to Mr. Twister, I was with Rob and Lisa at the No Limit Bar the night President Obama announced that we had killed Bin Laden.
    Jah bless those we have lost and all those who serve. Jah bless us all. Pray for peace.

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    Rob, my dear. There have been many pages of media on this subject. This was the shortest, yet most thought provoking. So much, in so few words. Well done.

    I live near the airport, and what was most poignant in the following days, was the silence. No planes. I willl never forget where I was, nor that silence.

    To the police, the FDNY and all that were doing what they could in incompehensible circumstances, I take a moment of silence and prayer.


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    I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to be away from the country of your birth on that day. Even those of us who were in the US didn't know what was going on- the shock, the confusion, the horror that was felt for months afterwards...I remember reading the page you wrote Rob, and how it touched me...*IG
    “It is better to travel well than to arrive.” – Buddha

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    We had been in Montego Bay the preceding March. We went to Margueritaville. They frisked us. I had never been frisked to go into a bar before! I mentioned this to my friend and the woman sitting beside us was from NYC. She overheard us and said she worked in the World Trade Center, and got this frisking every day since the bomber in I can't remember when. She worked on the 45th floor. She couldn't go out for lunch without being subjected to an incredible search. She was at Margueritaville that night to "get off the reservation". (She was a party animal staying at an AI) We had a great time with her. She was the first person I thought of as the slow dawning of reality hit me. OMG - Anita works in the Wordl Trade Center. It made my brain react. Could somebody I know actually be so affected by this horrific event I am witnessing? To this day, I am convinced that Anita got out. The heart believes what it needs to believe.

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    It was a tough experience for us. My wife and I are both from New York. She is from NYC. We lost family friends in the towers. I felt so helpless watching my wife cry as we saw the attacks.

    It changed my life. Those who know me personally know I have gone through extensive training to be prepared to save people in time of crisis. Not only am I a Rescue Diver, I am an Emergency First Responder, member of an Emergency Response Team and trained in almost every aspect of rescue. I did all this in response to the attacks. I want to be able to make a difference if ever needed. I hope my services never are.

    I still can't thank the people of Jamaica enough for what they did for us. Even the owner of the house we rented said we could stay as long as we needed for free until we could return home. What a kind gesture. I remember that many hotels did the same for Americans stuck in Jamaica....even the Ritz. Total class acts by all.
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    You are so right - we will always remember. I live in NJ, two hours from NY. I remember the 1st time I went back to NY after 9/11, and I don't think it will ever be the same. Yesterday, as I watched the tv specials, I had to fill up with tears at least a dozen times, innocent people, families effected, and so many responders who lost their lives to help others. Also, all of the people who tried to help, and are having health problems now, we need to remember them also.

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    The 93 bombing my wife was on the WTC Path train platform just prior to the explosion in the parking lot just below it. A phone call from her boss asking her to please return to take care of something before she left for the day saved her life as that area was destroyed literally a few minutes after she left it.

    Sept 11 2001 I remember looking at plane damage & then the clear blue sky that surrounded the Trade Center & telling my wife that this is no accident. Then flipping through the stations looking for more info, only to find the many broadcasters ad-libbing a bunch of nothing & me saying what morons that they all were with their clueless commentary. Then the second plane hit & finally they all figured it out.
    However I was surprised to see the second attack as even I didn't expect that. Then hearing about the pentagon & the then the other plane, well that was all just unbelievable. Not to mention all the details that followed in how they learned & planned it all using our own resources.

    The memorial was surrounded by controversy, but in the end I think all involved did a fine job & the details & consideration put into it all, which at this time most are probably not even aware of, make for a fantastic tribute to those who perished.

    Many of which were people I may of only known by their 1st name that I use to see & chat with from time to time throughout the days. Many were firemen in the area that I use to walk by their fire house on a daily basis & were always friendly & engaged in conversation or people that I commuted with that worked in the towers. Many of which I know lost their lives, some that I am not aware of but don't have the heart to find out. Just good people I will always remember...
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    I was in New York City the day the towers came down. I could see them from my window in Astoria, Queens. It was such a clear day. My coworker called me and told me to turn on the news shortly after the first tower was hit. I did, and looked out the window and to my horror saw billowing black smoke and a huge hole in one of the towers. Luckily I was working at a magazine located at Times Square and our start time was 10am so we got the call to stay home. Meanwhile while I was looking out my window I saw the second tower get hit and then later saw both towers crumble to the ground. I was glued to newscasts of the event, it was so horrific, I could not comprehend the devastation. I knew that so many lives must have been lost, knowing that those offices were huge in scope. Then seeing the planes hit, and thinking of those lives lost there, it was completely overwhelming. Each day I try to lose the memories and then with the anniversary and having it in our faces again through the media it is hard to cope. Thanks Rob, for making a message on this topic and letting people voice their ideas. Love and Blessings to all. And particularly to those lost on 911 and families and loved ones who suffered loss as well.
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