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Thread: It's OFFICIAL...early 2012...

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    Cool It's OFFICIAL...early 2012...

    I'm staying at Seastar Inn Jan 4-9 (5 nights) and Mariner's Jan. 9-15 (6 nights).


    My first split stay. Longest trip to date, 11 nights/12 days, 11th to Caribbean, 7th time to Jamaica, 6th to Negril, 2nd time solo. Second time at Mariner's, love that location!

    Thanks for all of your input. I am nearly buzzing right now as I finally have all my details ironed out...it makes the trip seem so REAL.

    P.S. RUMOR HAS IT that GerryG123 mite be in town at the same time...uh oh...

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    Sounds like a great plan!
    Are you living, or just existing?

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    If you haven't stayed at the Sea Star already , you gonna love it there.

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    Good job booking Seastar!



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    Have a good time

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    Love the Mariner's -the canuck crew won't get there til beginning of February But I'm gonna try JahB's in November.
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    P.S. RUMOR HAS IT that GerryG123 mite be in town at the same time...uh oh...[/QUOTE]

    OH Alex that killed it for me. Sorry babe another trip maybe. Have Fun!

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    Uh oh. What's up with that comment? Did Gerry buzz you with his scooter?

    Did you push him off the cliff at Xtabi?

    EDITED: I got an interesting PM on this. Sorry if I stepped into something. I was just trying to be funny. I meant no harm~!
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