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Thread: Earth Quake off Ja North Shore ?

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    Earth Quake off Ja North Shore ?

    Anyone feel the quake in Negril.
    It was North Coast of Jamaica , south of Cuba.
    Any information from someone that's there?

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    We didn't feel it here in Negril at all! But, it was also around 3am...most of us were sleeping!
    It appears it was in the St. Elizabeth area...near the middle of Jamaica.

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    Glad to here the Good News for Jamaica.
    The news said it was only 70 miles North of Ja, had us worried.
    Thanks for the update Lisa, bless.

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    seems like there is more and more "all kinna shakin going on all over the world" lately and severe storms and flooding, makes a person wonder 'bout that Mayan prediction???
    "One of the laundry gals pipes up ,,"LOOK AT DA BLOOD"
    "YES,THAT WOULD BE MINE" I said as my leg that at first gave no pain, started dishing it out in large bunches........"

    want more read our blog? our first trip.........http://negril.com/forum/entry.php?58...-The-Beginning

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