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Thread: COMC pain relief clinic - Any info?

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    COMC pain relief clinic - Any info?

    I was scanning the West end map this morning and noticed the COMC pain relief clinic, near Eddie's Da Bar.
    I did a quick google and found this.
    Welcome To The COMC – Instant Pain Relief ClinicNegrils’ Energy Health & Wellness Center Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until welose it. ~Josh BillingsThe Instant Pain Relief Center has opened its doors in Negril Westmoreland.With Environmental pollution, and toxicity taking a degenerative toll on our body's naturalenergy fields it is becoming more conclusive by the day that alternative healing andpreventative wellness solutions are the way of the future.Here at the Pain Relief Center, after diligent observation of the main health issues of individuals suffering all around us, our main focus is on assisting the masses afflicted withchronic to moderate long term pain.Using Zero Point Energy technology, we are able to aid your body’s natural healingprocess without the use of medication or even touching the body. Simply by manoveringthe energy tool over the point of pain or disease, The body is reminded of it’s haematosisstate and heals itself naturally but at a much more accelerated speed than usuallyexpected.

    It made me curious.
    Does any one have any further info?

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    Personnaly I don't believe Wrinkle is qualified to do natural healing - I have known him many years and was quite surprised when I found out he opened this place. Honestly, I doubt the effectiveness of this practice. My girlfriend was having low back pain and out of desperation went to see him twice (against my advice). It did not help her at all.......
    ~~~love and light~~~

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    I don't believe Wrinkle is qualified to do natural healing
    They say, "If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck .... then it just might be a "QUACK!"!

    In the game of life, it is hard to find a new "wrinkle".

    Peace and Guidance.
    Free Opinions Offered. No tipping required. Hours: Open when I feel like it.

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    Yeah, The rasta that runs it..I went in had a little talk..Wasn;t impressed..I've met some "bush drs" that came off as more genuine...But, hey you never know until you try it..
    " Ones destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things." (Henry Miller)

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