Hands up who still gets as excited as the last time when you are getting ready to return to Jamaica no matter how many times you have been before and you know the routine.
Flight/ hotel/food prices rise and sometimes the route getting there takes longer but no matter what that excitement still comes right back just the same as the very first flight!
Everything is the same even though everything is different.
Each year gets better
And the endings get harder
I have seen a lot of places and Jamaica just has this magic that keeps drawing me back.
Even when my head says no, my heart says yes and my fingers tap buttons and rebook!
It is a little island brimming with creativity and knowledge you just have to scratch the surface a little to see.
Take time to chat to some of the people there especially the older ones , a lot of wise people down in Jamaica.Every trip I learn something new be it about cooking,culture,politics, religion,spirituality, business, wildlife,the universe!crafts, fishing, dialect, music there is so much there to learn and so far it has been a great ride