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Thread: We are here...and loving it (of course)

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    Hey Marley, I have been thinking about you...

    Happy Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad to hear that you are having a great trip. I can't believe that this time last year we were both scurrying around trying to move our weddings. Our one year was on the 7th. We sure would have loved to celebrate in Negril and had the chance to meet you both in person. I can't complain too much as we did have a trip in May for 10 days. Seems like years ago now though! I know you have waited to long for this trip and I hope it's the best ever!

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    I Love LOVE ~~~~~~~~~~~

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    Preach Peace / Live Love / Blessed Be

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    Happy Anniversary!

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    Happy Anniversary-Glad ya'll are having a blast!!!!Congrads!!

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    Happy Anniversary.....so glad that you were able to get back and enjoy the beauty of Catcha!

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    So glad you're having a fun trip so far! Luminous Lagoon, Port Antonio, Somerset Falls, Blue Lagoon, Rafting down the Rio Grandi, Mystic Mountain! So awesome! I can’t wait to see your pictures!

    I’m so glad the weather is beautiful today for you guys. I have one of those Negril weather widgets on my desktop. All day It was glowing sun, now It shows a beautiful moon at 84 degrees. Sounds like the perfect night in Negril to celebrate your Anniversary!

    Have a wonderful time!!
    Best Wishes!
    -Daisy & Markus
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    Carpe Diem

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    I'm so happy for ya'll!

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    Happy anniversary Marley! First of many - I am sure!!!!

    We loved Mystic Mountain too. Great excursion. I hope the rest of your vacation is wonderful. Pictures. We need pictures!

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    Awwww, wow...thanks for all the love. I can truly feel it here in Negril!
    We had the BEST anniversary ever! It was all I could have ever hoped for...
    First I want to say to Tamiami....I am SO glad you posted!
    I have been thinking about you and your husband all week too and when we got here and I had wanted to shoot you an email but I had your email saved on my computer and we only have the hubbys here...even he asked me about you. I was going to ask Andrea if she still had your email so we could send YOU both a Happy Anniversary! I hope you and the hubby had the best day too and we really wish you both could have been here to celebrate as well......for those of you who dont know Tamiami and I both had the same plight last year, she was to get married on the 3rd of October and I on the 10th, both at Catcha...we bonded over the planning and anticipating and then we bonded again probably even more so, over the Tropical Storm that damaged Catcha right before we were both to get married there.....but look at us now, we survived it all and our love endures....not only for our husbands but for Negril as well!
    All the best to you both!

    So where I left you last my husband was hurrying me off the computer because he had a day full of surprises so he told me.....boy did he ever!
    He actually had our amazing wedding photographer come back to Negril and take photos of us on our anniversary at Catcha. If you do not know, our wedding photographer was Ryan Lue-Clarke who is AMAZING! He is from Kingston but will travel anywhere! Highly recommended..check him out on his site http://ryanlueclarke.com/
    So we got dressed up and Rye took photos of us, we even stopped in at Negril Escape right at 4pm which is when we were getting married last year....that was cool. Then we came back to Catcha and snapped a few great shots at sunset.....
    Next surprise.....a massage on our porch at Sagi! Awesome

    Right around then I look up at the bar...in much need of a refreshing frosty beverage and I see........drumroll......yep, you guessed it, your favorite moderator and mine along with his lovely lady sidekick....Rob and Lisa....and special guest Tom H! lol
    That was so great to see them all there, and we toasted to the celebration.
    We then had a really lovely anniversary dinner at Catcha, yum and then for the last surprise of the evening....Raul and Andrea (Catcha wedding planner) arranged for us to have a nice little wedding cake....which was delicious....and VERY potent (rum cake just ask Rob, Lisa and Tom, HA! We shared some with everyone at the bar
    We had the greatest time with you all! So much fun

    This morning we woke up and took some more pictures with Rye on the beach and also at Rockhouse....wow, can't wait to see those!
    But let me tell you the weather is definitely nice this year...nice and HOT...We just came back and first thing was a nice jump in the pool

    We might make it to the webcast at 3 dives tonight...if I can get out of the pool that is...but otherwise, we will definitely be on the bus tomorrow! I can't wait

    Mr Twister....where are you mon, we are waiting on you! lol

    Negril is great! No worries mon, it is just as we all remember it in our dreams! lol

    Thanks again everyone for all of the love~! We feel it and we are sending it back out to all of you!

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    Thanks for the on site updates-Glad all is well!!!

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