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Thread: What was the name of Scotts Al's place on the west end?

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    What was the name of Scotts Al's place on the west end?

    Scott's Al, had a restaurant/Bar he ran on the west end.

    He made up a "famous Burger" ,it was great!

    Does any one remember the name of his place?

    Was it close to Mary's Bay Boat Yard ?

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    Thanks Miss Blue, I was close.

    Question: Where do you click to find the archived post like that?

    I looked, but can't find the right thing to click on.

    Is it search thread?

    Thanks again.

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    I just googled "scots al" and it found a bunch of old n.com posts that mention him. much quicker than searching the archives to find one post

    but - to get to the archived board go to the top of this page - see the light blue banner going across? click on "MESSAGE BOARD". The screen you come to will show the map of JA with all the boards listed under it. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and you'll see the link to the archived old board, and you can use the search function from there.
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    Thanks MissBlue, found it.

    I copied about 30-40 of my old stories (true stories by the way) before Negril.com changed to this new format.

    It is still nice to know i can retreive anything if I wanted.


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    I beleive he is no longer running the place.Try Sunset on the Cliffs for the best burger I have ever had in Negril.Very reasonable prices,Patrick will fix you up. Enjoy

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    oh - yah- correct biggs

    mr spoon - in case you were not aware, they returned to Scotland maybe about a year ago, the restaurant is no longer in operation....

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    Markoswpoon the name of the place with the great burger is Sunset After Dark ! It's across from the hardware store on the lower end of the cliffs.

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    Yeah Miss Blue, i know he left.

    I had a nice conversation with him before he closed down.

    He made me one of his serious Burgers twice.

    I remember he posted about closing up shop.

    He had a cool scottish accent, like Scotty on Star Trek, but his was real and deep.

    He sounded like a story teller from the old school.

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    Thanks Biggs, I will stop by this November to try one, when i get tired of rice and peas.

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