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Thread: Happy B-day Marley9808!!!!~celerbrating in Ja.

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    Happy B-day Marley9808!!!!~celerbrating in Ja.

    Have a great day in Ja.~Have a few drinks for us.

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    Happy Birthday Shauna!! (Marley)

    Hope you are having a blast on your special day IN JAMAICA! woo hoo!
    Enjoy every minute!

    Hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true!

    Last edited by Clarity; 10-13-2011 at 01:31 PM.
    Carpe Diem

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    Awww, thanks Vince and Clarity!

    Yes I am having the iriest birthday for sure
    Today we woke up after a fun night last night on the One Love Bus Bar Crawl.....and we went straight to Xtabi for my favorite breakfast ever....french toast! Yum!
    Then we rode our scooted out to Half Moon beach and swam and got just a little too much sun......wow HOT DAY today....after working up a nice lunch hunger we rode to Biggas and got some delicious jerk chicken.....so good our lips were tingling! LOL

    And now we are enjoying some nice 2 for 1 rum punches at Canoe....thank goodness there is a nice breeze, much needed. We are here with Mr and Mrs Twister and after the happy hour we are all heading up to PushCart for some pepper shrimp....ya mon!
    Nice time for sure!

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    Happy Birthday Marley9808. Enjoy!

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    Thanks Sandy-girl!


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    Happy Birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday Marley9808,

    Hoping you enjoy every moment!!

    Islander - Brynn
    Looking forward to our next visit to beautiful Jamaica! See you soon!!

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    Happy B Day Marley! What a trip so far!

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    Ya mon! For real, nice trip!
    Thanks Booger

    PS I just saw your PM....no worries mon, thanks for thinking of us but you know Kevin has been taking real good care of us already....the whole staff has.....Catcha rocks. Can't get enough of this place...never want to leave!

    PS If anyone is ever interested in getting a nice cake for a special occasion (Or just a Tuesday lol) you just HAVE to get one from Catcha.....talk to Andrea or Mauvette about ordering one of their famous rum cakes (the ones they make for weddings)
    My hubby ordered one for us to celebrate our anniversary and let me just say it was the best cake I have EVER had in my life....it was a two tier rum wedding cake with icing that was to die for (and I don't normally like icing)
    If you need second opinions just ask Lisa or Rob, or Kevin or any of the others at the bar that night who we shared it with

    OMG....I can't get over that cake!

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    Happy Belated Birthday Marley!!
    Getting Old Isn't For Sissy's!!

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    Sounds like you had the best birthday!!!
    Are you living, or just existing?

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