When i'm at home, making breakfast, i think back.

"we have regular porridge and peanut porridge" the lady said.

Hmmm, I'll try the peanut porridge and bread please.

Sitting in a local b-fast place, not on the beach, but on the Morass side, early in the morning is so nice.

You have the whole day just waiting for you.

It's like eating what we called "hot cereal" when I was growing up in the cold winter time.

Oatmeal, cream of wheat,malt-o-meal, etc.

You can take your time, and dream of things to come.

The mornings in Jamaica, 7-8 Am are quiet and the sun and wind is soft and comfortable.

Listening to the cook ladies sing while they work, eating my porridge like Oliver Twist.

My god, it's wonderful.