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Thread: need a bit of help with accommodations for New Years

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    Question need a bit of help with accommodations for New Years

    Hi All

    Hoping to get a bit of help from you guys....

    My aunt is coming over new years for 2 weeks. We thought that we had the acccommodations sorted but as it turns out the place that we booked has done a switch on us and she will end up having to move around which she does not want to do. ...I was hoping that some of you might have some suggestions for a place, small, quiet, wireless internet and not to far from the beach. Has to also allow visitors, not overnight necessarily but I will be coming to visit with her once in a while. Her budget is about $75 a night....

    Any suggestions....we are now scrambling and I am worried that we will run out of time and not find a place given this busy time of year that she is coming. Her flight is booked (31 Dec to 14 Jan) so the time she comes can't be changed.

    Thanks in advance

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    I've been on the same hunt the last week. Try Coral Seas Gardens, Bungalo and Travelers. Those are all around that price and as of yesterday were available...
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    Sun Garden Resort (formely called Bungalo) is across the road from Bourbon Beach and meets all those requirements.

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    Travellers beach resort is nice for the holidays . I have the 10 percent discount voucher available there for people attending the tictoc travellers party!
    Would you like me to message it to you?

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    Negril Beach Club Condos!

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    Hi all thanks for the suggestions....still talking with the auntie and trying to get her to make a decision....

    Thanks Tic for the offer, I will tell her and ask her what she thinks..

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