Love to stop just outside Mobay to see the Rasta and have some of his roadside soup and roasted yam and salt fish, absolutely amazing.

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Noah has some good eats at his nice little cookshop in the lot right beside the taxi terminal; his cook Omar makes some really good fried chicken, the portions are huge, and it is local! Omar makes an amazing Jamaican brekfass also!

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And, we love to stop just over the boarder of Westmoreland into St Bess, right on the first corner, to have some fresh fried fish and bammy and if we stop at the right time of year, corn on the cob! And have to get a few of those little sweet coconut treats with the red middle for dessert!

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And of course a fresh jelly coconut from the vendor on the side of the road on the way to Sav!

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The best jerk pork I have had in Boston, although Best of the West is tied!

Boston Jerk
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Best of the West Chicken and Pork
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6 more weeks!! Can't wait!