Pelican Bar has a gift shop. Not sure If I like this or not.

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Jake's was renovating their Calabash Bay property as hard as they could go last week. New fence on the beach and all. Some of the locals think the ocean will remove the fence next big storm.

Jack Sprat's has installed a shiny new ATM from Scotia Bank. As of last week it had been tested, and they were waiting for the bank to start loading it with money. I wonder what mad man will drive a Guardsman truck down the roads into TB. LOL.

Jack Sprat's was taking credit and debit cards, as was Frenchmen's Reef.

Frenchmen's Reef has upped their food game. Pizza was far better than Jack Sprat's. Brown Stew Chicken, Ital Stew, were all delicious. We deducted points for being out of Curried Goat. Service was on par with Jack Sprat's.

In addition to Eggy losing his bar, and Captain Ted losing his boat, it looked like Ted's brother Captain Kirk lost his boat motor to the fire also. I took a good look at it, and though I'm no expert, I don't think that motor will be able to run again.