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Thread: Asking for prayers

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    Re: Asking for prayers

    Prayers sent to you and your father. Hope he gets to come back home to familiar surroundings.

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    Re: Asking for prayers

    We too have dealt with parental health issues, and we know how hard it is. My family will pray for your father to regain peace and mobility. We will also pray for you and your family to stay strong during such a trying time.

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    Re: Asking for prayers

    Thank you all for your prayers! The agitation is there mainly when he is lying down in bed awake (arms flailing, legs moving fast). When they put him in a wheelchair to eat, the agitation is only there a very small amount. They have been doing PT/OT and today he was able to stand up from a wheelchair holding onto parallel bars and is doing good with the stationery bike, but he is still really weak and not able to walk with the walker without assistance. I was told today that my father is going to be discharged this sunday because the Alzheimer's will prevent him from improving a lot. The facility is setting up physical therapy, wheelchair, bedside toilet, home care nurse, and I will set up the caregiver to come in. I want him home, but I am freaking out because we can't afford 24 hour nurse or $3,000.00 - $4,000.00 a month facility, and I am not physically able to move him around without help, or take care of diaper changes as I am his daughter. My sister was supposed to watch him very closely when I was away, I told her that it was imperative that she is there when he wakes up and goes to bed and watch him closely throughout the day. That fact that she didn't do that and that this was all preventable, is really p****** me off. And now I'm left with doing all the work to get him taken care of and to deal with the damage that's been done due to her inability to watch him correctly. I talked to his primary care physician tonight and he told me that I need to talk to them before this happens if they can keep him longer and am I going to be able to handle taking care of him, what am I going to do? He said once he's discharged it's very difficult to get him back there if needed. This is very overwhelming.

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