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Thread: I think a Witch checked in to my hotel

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    I think a Witch checked in to my hotel

    Nothing was happening this day.
    It had been raining on and off since morning.

    The skies were slate grey, you could hear the trees and branches rubbing together.
    Wow, I said.
    Wet, windy and rainy, but warm? Only in Jamaica.

    I was just hanging in the room watching some cable TV.

    Long about 6 o'clock (it gets dark in Jamaica at 5 this time of year)

    I stepped outside for a smoke.
    I opened the door, it was quiet as usual.

    Stepped over to the table on the veranda,
    leaned forward and grabbed the ash tray.
    When I straightened up.....there was a woman standing right there.
    In front of the room next door to mine.

    Now, I have good peripheral vision,
    I could swear she was not there when I came out my door.

    The doors are just a few steps apart.
    I said "hello"..............silence.

    So, I just went back in my room and locked the door.

    Dang it, I forgot to have a smoke.

    Slowly, I opened up my door again.....................

    Nobody was there.

    The next day, I was sitting on the Veranda when the Housekeepers came by.

    "Hey Mark, did you meet the woman next door?"

    Oh, ok, whew...! I was not imagining things!!
    There is someone staying there!!

    "She told us NOT to go into her room."

    Huh? ....What?......

    "Yeah mon, she just puts her trash outside for us to pick up" they said.

    Good goobibly gobs!!! Why me!!!

    Just then the door to "the woman's room" opened.

    In the daylight, I got a very good look at her.

    She floated, not walked out of her room and
    motioned for the housekeeper to come hither.

    She was wearing a very long, floor length kinda of gown.
    The look in the Housekeepers face was priceless.

    When the housekeeper returned,
    she said.................

    "The lady finally asked us to sweep her floor........that's all!!"

    Well, I only had 2 more days and my vacation would be over.

    I never heard her or saw her again.
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    Re: I think a Witch checked in to my hotel


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    Re: I think a Witch checked in to my hotel

    Who ya gonna call? "Ghostbusters"
    Irie Sue

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    Re: I think a Witch checked in to my hotel

    Strange, I didn't even notice my Mother in Law gone. I hope she brings back some rum cream

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    Re: I think a Witch checked in to my hotel

    Duppy know who fi frighten!

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