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Thread: Internet service negril

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    Re: Internet service negril

    Seasons greetings to one and all .

    Rob quick question :
    I'm thinking of getting this huawei b531 unlocked to use as a modem from England,
    What do you think ? Will it do the job if I get a digicel sim and get there 4g plan ??


    From reading the reviews seems it works all over the world .

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    Re: Internet service negril

    It "would" work, but I really don't see the point. A cheap unlocked smartphone with a hotspot is easier to use. You would have to buy the sim, then add a data plan, which is currently 4gigs for j$4000. Your speed is dictated by the cell reception, which is far less than LTE in Negril.

    And I don't think that the browser user interface would allow you to add a data plan. You may need a phone to start it.

    And the advantage of a phone is that it is still a phone.
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    Re: Internet service negril

    main reason other than watching football lol is I've got cctv and I like monitoring my place when I'm overseas and with the modem previously I used to observe on my phone and get alerts so I really need something to support this 24/7 .

    The huawei wingle on offer from digicel which they never have in stock is similar to the huawei b351 so I'm hoping to pop in a sim and use it throughout

    Bloody country rural living lol

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