I have officially started my countdown! Easy enough when you live in the frozen wasteland that is western MN, and you think it's a heatwave when the temperature actually warms up to 0 degrees. Needless to say, I desperately need a Jamaica fix!
I have more questions for everyone, ( stop shaking your heads at me). I said earlier I would ask a lot!!

Since we're coming in on the bus from MoBay, we won't be in PA until 8 or 9. Are there taxis at the bus station, or should I arrange a driver? Vi gave me the names of some trusted drivers (Thanks VI), which we will be using, just not sure if we should just grab a ride so we can get to Tim Bamboo and dump off our luggage.

Where are the places we should make sure to hit for food? Are there any good fruit stands to hit up for my fruit addiction? (Hello, my name is Maralunatic, and I'm addicted to fruit and vegetables)

I have an old phone(think flip phone) that I got years earlier in Jamaica. Do you think I can just buy a new SIM, or should I retire the old girl? Is there a digicel around?

What about exchanging money? I normally use cambios...any ideas where they're located?

Whew...such a lot of questions..Help!