As far as the phone, I would purchase credit and see if the sim card is still activated. If not, then just buy another sim. As long as the phone is still working, a new sim should be all you need. Hopefully you won’t have to replace the phone when you get there. I detest those phone stores because they’re always packed and they NEVER have any under $80 in stock. When mine died, I was able to borrow one. When I got home, I did some research and ordered a small basic unlocked phone for $17 from amazon. Had it shipped in two days. Inserted my sim and it worked perfectly. Think about that option. You can always return it if you find you didn’t need it.

Rock Bottom is a sweetheart and a dedicated carver. I buy turtles and trinket boxes. One of these days, I’ll treat myself wall décor. He has sooooo much that it’s hard to decide which piece to get.

Maralunatic, I do love Portland so when I sing praises about her, it comes from the heart. I have a feeling you will know exactly where I’m coming from once you immersed within her beauty and vibe.

Let me get you those visuals…I’m still uploading them which should be completed this afternoon, but I'm sure I won't start posting until monday. The boss is away attending the superbowl plus a couple of days so having the free time will allow me to get quite a bit up. I know your departure (YAY) is quickly approaching so shoot your questions at any time.