I can’t think of a better way of planning for upcoming reaches during 2018 than reflecting on the past 3 from 2017. I will share my “reflections” of those visits from March, August and November in this report. Not sure if this thing will be any longer or shorter than previous posts as I will focus on highlights/updates around Portland. But I’m sure it will contain more pictures, more emotion and more Portland praises than the others…feel free to take that as a warning.

Let’s see…all three visits involved, of course, an arrival. Two were through Montego Bay and one landing in Kingston. I prefer Kingston for the 2-hour ride to Port Antonio, but there’s a layover in Miami. Montego Bay is always direct, but travel time on the road is 4.5 hours. So my arrival airport choice is based on what crazy items I decide to bring. Getting through customs in Kingston is a breeze.

The only flight issue was I kept loosing those blasted neck pillows either coming or going. I never seem to get it home. I lost this one in the Miami airport on the way there so that meant no pillow on the flights home. I find I can’t sleep without it.

Up…up…up in the clouds! This is when and where I slide the US life to the back of my thoughts and anticipate my weary mind, over-worked body and battered soul being healed in Jamaica. I give thanks for the means to afford to go, the health to enjoy it with few physical limitations and the people who seem to be happy to see me when I return.