I have one more lodging question (promise it's the last). I think I've eliminated Taino Cove & have it down to 77West & Jakes. Anyone stayed at Jakes & if so what are your thoughts? It would be either the garden view or sea view rooms not the more $$ rooms or bungalows. They look really cute but I've read conflicting reviews on the place including some bug stories. I'm not meaning to sound prissy or offensive & I realize it's the tropics but I am terrified of those huge roaches. In 8 trips to different places in Negril I've never seen one in my room & if I did I'd probably scream like I was being murdered (I know, unreasonable since they can't hurt me but....). Does the south coast have less bug issues being drier? The only time I saw one was in the airport at MoBay crawling across the counter & I freaked. The woman checking us in didn't much like it either lol. I told her that was the biggest roach I ever saw & she said "you think that's big mon, they get bigger & they fly". Don't mind lizards & I can even deal with ants just no roaches please Guess this ended up a 2 part question, lodging & bugs. But it's my last. After this I have to make up my own mind. Thanks for all the great answers I've received so far. I'm getting pretty excited at the thought of staying in TB