We are two couples, Negrilaholics, branching out yet again. This time we want to go to Treasure Beach (TB) in Feb. 2019. Looking for any tips/advice/suggestions. We know we are looking at a totally different vibe from Negril (and the Port Antonio (PA) Adventure of 2016 was an awesome departure). We are all well-seasoned travelers; not fussy; looking for good basic (Seastar, Pure Garden, Coral Seas Cliffs ... you get our drift - not your RIU/Couples clan). Have been traveling to Jamaica in general for many, many years!!

So any tips/advice/suggestions would be welcome. When we did PA, the "don't expect taxis as plentiful as Negril" tip was the best ever! We would have been Class A Screwed if we had gone with our Negril Taxis brain cells engaged. That's the sort of info we would like to be armed with. Hate to be the "stupid" tourist!

ARE taxis la Port Antonio or la Negril?
Where is the "town centre" - most hotel booking sites tell you the hotel is x.x km. from the town centre - where exactly would that be so we can get our bearings vis--vis the distance from our hotel to other activities - beaches, restos, bars, other (suggestions???) - ..
Is it a 6 mile beach?
Would you recommend a villa for 2 couples, or hotel rooms (4 nights max)?
What villa and why (approx cost and when you last stayed there)
What hotel and why? (approx cost and when you last stayed there)
Is 3-4 nights adequate to get a feel for the place (we sure wished we had spent longer in PA, mais c'est la vie, eh?) (reading the posts, one of our esteemed number mentioned that frankly, after 9 days, he was getting a bit bored .... can you expand?) We don't need to be entertained 24/7 - just want to know what to expect.
Are there any jerk barrel guys on the street in TB?
Are there plenty of little convenience stores about?
There is mention of the Scotia Bank ATM near Jake's - is that functional? (we'll check that closer to our trip ,,, but ...?)
Your general over-all impression and any suggestions on what to do, where to go, what to see, what we need to know about locals,"don't expect" surprises you may have had ..... etc.

As always, thanks to you all for any of your input. We really appreciate it. This is the place to get real time, real people input!