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Thread: Forum Format 2018

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    Forum Format 2018

    Using the forum is well, different. Doesn't show photos, im on iPhone. Cumbersome, the big yellow restate is hard to read. Could be better, sure u can improve with a few tweeks.

    See you soon in Jah Land Negril.
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    - Epicurus

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    Re: Forum Format 2018

    Seems like you are in the iPhone mobile view. The instructions for smart phones is here:

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    Re: Forum Format 2018

    Hey now Rob or tech peoples

    So on my tablet iPad I started getting large empty spaces on certain posts ( extra blank scroll space) and an increase In embedded ads ( in almost every post ). Nothings changed in setting or softwares on my end... did standard stuff clearing cookies and such... ??

    Thanks for any suggestions......


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