October 30th, 1974 - Staying in rooms in Sheffield, owned by Ms. Campbell, who owned a little store across from the post office. She is a proper English Jamaican lady who we grew to love dearly. A friend of mine stumbled into Sheffield after getting confused at the roundabout and ended up staying with her. He got up with her at dawn each day to make cookies and cakes for her store in the brick oven outside. With a handwritten letter of introduction she welcomes us, shuts the store in mid-day, and takes us to her home. We had a nice room with a light, outhouse to go, and a well to draw buckets to bath. $10/day for the guys, $7/day for the ladies.
Mohammed Ali, who to this day is a hero in JA versus George Foreman. The only light in town comes from candles in the lone bar in town. It is pitch dark and we are the only non-locals in town. Having a few white rums and whatever, and playing some dominoes. Suddenly a pickup pulls up and a sheet is mounted and somehow we are watching the fight live with everyone from miles around going crazy. Still don't know how they did it but a memory of a lifetime.