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Thread: Need Taxi Recommendation: Strawberry Hill To Boston Bay

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    Re: Need Taxi Recommendation: Strawberry Hill To Boston Bay

    Quote Originally Posted by ohliz View Post
    I'm not sure Irish Town is any closer to Boston, I'd think most drivers would go back through Kingston and over Junction rather than take that little mountain road over to Porty, but maybe not. I guess I've never started at that spot and gone over, just up that road a bit on both ends.

    What did Warren say about the route, I'm curious?
    according to google maps, taking the mountain road is 10 minutes faster than taking the coastal route, which means it's probably the longer ride, since you know we're going to get stuck behind a million and one slow moving trucks.

    warren actually didn't comment on the route- i told him we're fine with taking the mountain road and got no reaction either way. the kind of driver i imagine he is, i'm guessing he's fine with either route- mountain or coastal. it's probably the passenger's comfort level with mountain driving that decides how a taxi driver goes. i personally haaaaaate mountain driving (as a passenger- i don't drive) but no matter how many times i say "never again," i always wind up on some crazy mountain road. my husband looooooooves mountain roads (as a driver). i'm fine with taking that route, because i'd like to come out at buff bay and pass through port antonio on our way to boston bay. the coast is gorgeous that way.

    and i can already tell this trip is going to be nothing but mountain roads for a big part of our travels- i really want to go to moore town, and that seems to be an hour or so back into the mountains.

    i haven't asked warren if he can drive us back to kingston, but i'm assuming he or his brother will be able to. i'll ask to take the coastal route on that trip, because i like the ride past morant bay and also because i want us to stop off at cane river falls.

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    Re: Need Taxi Recommendation: Strawberry Hill To Boston Bay

    having completed my trip to portland, i am back to say:

    warren mckenzie for the win!

    warren is in the middle

    whatsapp: 876.883.9081

    excellent driver

    knows portland like the back of his hand

    all the locals know and respect him

    curteous and quiet, not a big joker (which i like) and obviously VERY aware of what's going on around him

    does not get on his phone while you're in his care (a huge pet peeve of mine and my husband- all of the kingston drivers STAY on their phones while they're on the clock for you)

    excellent communication when setting and confirming plans

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