i figured an actual trip report would be nice after i spent weeks spamming this forum with my endless "trip inspiration" thread!

after 12 hours(!!!) of travel from nyc, we got to strawberry hill at around 4pm yesterday. internet is completely down, which sucks, because i have about 4 hours of work to do each day, the rest of this week (yay, i can earn money while on vacation). after waking up at 3am, i sucked it up and turned on my hotspot, churned out 2 hours of work and figured i'd start my trip report thread.

i'm traveling with my husband and our 12 year old son, ti boss.

we did jfk>mia>kingston. no big issues, really.

we did the admirals club, because i had to put in 2 hours of work during our miami layover, and figured we may as well be comfortable as i typed away. we did a little shopping in miami- a bottle of champagne (my birthday is next week), a bottle of hennessy and an overpriced bathing suit, because our son, ti boss, refuses to pack properly.

the plane rides were annoying- ZERO legroom.

we landed on time.

immigrations/customs forms were annoying- we were told by the stewardesses that we just needed to fill out one form for the family. i filled out one form. we got to the immigration line and the attendant there told me we needed to fill out forms for each member of the family. i grumbled, sat down, and scribbled out two additional forms. we got through immigration (the kingston airport also has kiosks, by the way), got to customs and the lady there told me we should have only filled out one form and that it had to be completed by "the huzzzzzzzbind," and listing "the wife" and "the son" as family members on the back. whatevzzzzzz. she was nice, though.

after the usual confusion and hassle (american had changed our flights months ago and strawberry hill didn't bother to look up our info day of travel, like they'd told me they would) we eventually found our driver and were off. he, of course, has worked for chris blackwell for over 20 years and we knew a bunch of the same old school music industry people, so we chit chatted about that, while my husband bugged out (like he always does) about HOW MUCH jamaica looks like haiti. ti boss played with his ipod and got excited when his favorite "litty" mumble rap songs came on the car radio.

i asked to make a quick stop at a supermarket, where i picked up some bottles of soda, a few six packs of red stripe and guinness and a few packages of biscuits.

we made it to the hotel around 4, were offered soothing, mint infused washcloths and rum punches and our luggage was brought up to our cottage, which is ridiculously beautiful.