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Thread: First timer with scooter

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    First timer with scooter

    Hi all, my wife and I will be visiting Treasure Beach the first time at the beginning of May for 3 days. We, have been visiting the island for 25+ years and excited to be in TB. Im going to rent a scooter and wondering if their might be some suggestions? I did a little research with out a lot of luck. I own and am familiar with riding a scooter in Negril. We will be arriving from Negril and I have no intention of riding mine to TB. Not sure how many options are out there. I'm just looking for an automatic that can accommodate 2. I'm guessing I should be able to find something for $100us or under for the 3 days. I'm renting an Airbnb cottage and it was mentioned that the the caretaker could help in that department, but I just thought I might be able to get something lined up for us upon our arrival. (I'm a bit spoiled...lol) Any and all knowledge that you might like to pass along would be grateful.

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    Re: First timer with scooter

    I know Smurf (Kevin) used to rent them and I believe he still does. I can try to get you his number if you want. There was also a place in calabash (across from Frenchman's Reef I believe) that was renting scooters this year. Or you can wait until you get there and ask the caretaker to arrange for scooter rental. A lot of things in treasure beach are done through the staff at your rental - everyone knows someone who will get you what you are looking for.

    I also just found Man Made Mopeds listed in Trip Advisor - https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attracti...h_Jamaica.html - this could be the place I saw.
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    Re: First timer with scooter

    I rent from Kevin/Smurf every time. He will make a deal for 3 days or more that would be right at your budget I think - $35/day but 40 if you only take 1-2 days and perhaps somewhat seasonal. He has several very new bikes - of the 3 of us 2 got those and one got one of the older ones (which I have actually had on previous trips). They are 150s, I think? I'd ask for one of the new ones, specifically. They will deliver to you and pick up too, included in price. This is a tour, you can see rental price listed at the end: http://treasuretoursjamaica.com/tour...scooter-tours/

    Yellow is older one, burgundy are newer:

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    Besides riding around TB to the various beaches (including Great Bay), it's also a nice ride up to Lover's Leap. Lots of signs now that Jake's took it over (and google maps works great too, if you don't have a local sim you can download for offline use).
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    Re: First timer with scooter

    Thanks Rumgouhl and Ohliz for the info. Those were the 2 places I was able to get a bit of info on. Thanks for the pics. The number I found for smufs is 876-965-0126. I also found a number for Madman. I have to hook up with our care taker a week before our arrival in TB and will try and make arrangements then. I'm guessing that's plenty of time to get the ball rolling. I know It probably appears I'm over thinking a bit, but just wanted to be able to have transportation waiting for me as we're only in TB for 3 days and would like to hit the ground running. A lot of new things for us to check out. Again, 'big ups' for sharing, very much appreciated. Kelly

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