Hahahahaha.......you guys got a laugh out of me for sure here!!! All the different handles, I may have to change my moniker on here! Well I have zipped my suitcase for the last time and am sitting here sipping a glass of wine and watching the clock. Our ride comes at 2:15 a.m. so it will be a short night and long travel day, but we’ll worth the wait! Loved your super moon pic Rumghoul. We will be in treasure beach for the full moon/supermoon on the 9th. I love the light a full moon brings, so here’s hoping it’s a nice clear night! Our anniversary is the 28th so will be nice to be in Negril 33 years later, wandering the beach. So many memories from that night, so much fun, wouldn’t change a thing. We will wander down to the old Twater site, too bad it’s all but gone, and have a twirl in the sand for old times sake. Will also check on the sailboat and give a progress report. Cheers!