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We ended up cancelling our Smokey Mtn trip too - we were going to stay in the smokeys in North Carolina, then hit Asheville for a few days before coming home. For that trip we originally were going to go to Sardinia Italy, that got cancelled so we looked at North Carolina, that got cancelled so we went to Frankfurt Michigan - still had a great time. Once you can get into Michigan (I think borders are still closed both ways but not sure) you should visit the UP - we hiked the pictured rocks this summer and had a great time. I have not been to the UP in so long - we are going back this summer. Although if you have a cabin close to home that is a nice option. I have never been a winter person either, but I really like snowshoeing. I think if we had winter here I might like it more because I could do something outside (I don't ski - never liked that - could be the heights I don't like). Here is a picture of pictured rock hike - we did the long hike (I think it was 7 or 8 miles) but the views were worth every step! Stay safe and keep in touch!Name:  Pictured Rocks.jpg
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Nice picture, please stay safe. Lets hope all of this world health crisis will finish soon