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Thread: Treasure Beach 2020 Whos Down When???

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    Re: Treasure Beach 2020 Whos Down When???

    Quote Originally Posted by Rumghoul View Post
    We ended up cancelling our Smokey Mtn trip too - we were going to stay in the smokeys in North Carolina, then hit Asheville for a few days before coming home. For that trip we originally were going to go to Sardinia Italy, that got cancelled so we looked at North Carolina, that got cancelled so we went to Frankfurt Michigan - still had a great time. Once you can get into Michigan (I think borders are still closed both ways but not sure) you should visit the UP - we hiked the pictured rocks this summer and had a great time. I have not been to the UP in so long - we are going back this summer. Although if you have a cabin close to home that is a nice option. I have never been a winter person either, but I really like snowshoeing. I think if we had winter here I might like it more because I could do something outside (I don't ski - never liked that - could be the heights I don't like). Here is a picture of pictured rock hike - we did the long hike (I think it was 7 or 8 miles) but the views were worth every step! Stay safe and keep in touch!Attachment 55489
    Nice picture, please stay safe. Lets hope all of this world health crisis will finish soon

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    Re: Treasure Beach 2020 Whos Down When???

    Hey Rumghoul! This would be the time you would make the trek to Treasure Beach! Are you there, going, waiting out this mess we are still in? We had a couple of places booked but ended up bumping to 2023 as our two airlines cancelled direct flights fromWinnipeg and it just didn’t seem like a good idea. We can travel as we chose to vaccinate, but wasn’t feeling right about it. I am still working and worry if one of us tested positive on the way back then it’s quarantine for 5 days with no movement. We have booked a week out to Vancouver and Vancouver island In may for a bit of a get away, staying inCanada for now. Hope all is well with you.

    Johng you must be suffering double withdrawal with no island treks and no pics to live vicariously through! Can you believe we are still in this crazy time? I remember when we came home on March 12, 2020 and it was only the beginning, yet here we are almost two years later. Hope all is well with you and your family. Did you son get married? That wedding was supposed to take place inEurope if I remember correctly. Our Junior hockey over the holidays ended before it began, but kind of saw that coming. So heartbreaking for those players. Can’t really get into the Olympic Games this year, and so over the winter. We have so much snow up here we are running out of places to put it? If it’s a four letter word that starts with s then I am more into sand than snow for sure!

    Hope you are both well, looking forward to getting back down south next year as we will be scouting a long stay place as I will be retiring May 2023, and plan to try out a 90 day stay so will see what we can scope out!

    Take care and drop a line. Maybe drop a line or story of a memorable moment spent in Jamaica!
    One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.
    ― Bob Marley

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    Re: Treasure Beach 2020 Whos Down When???

    hey_mon, glad to hear that you are keeping well! Things here in the Northeast US are OK, luckily I've avoided Covid, knock on wood!! Winter hasn't been too too bad yesterday was in the 60's today two inches of snow. Go figure!!

    Spoke with my Brother Sonny in Portland this morning and he said that Covid hasn't been an issue in the mountains but Kingston is still suffering. He refuses to get the shot, doesn't trust the government like most Jamaicans!!! He wants me to come down to visit but right now isn't the right time. I checked airfares yesterday from NYC to KIN and MBJ and are more expensive than I would have imagined, but what do I know??

    Your 90 day stay plan is ambitious but God Bless You!! My suggestion would be break it into one week to 10 days in several different locations. Use rental cars every so often combined with Knutsford's to get to your spots. My suggestions would be fly into MoBay and travel east to Runaway Bay and or Ocho Rios. Check out Turtle Beach Towers in Ochie. Continue on to Oracabessa and Strawberry Fields. Further east to Port Antonio and Boston Beach. Then backtrack to Buff Bay and venture up into The Blue Mountains via the B1 up to Holywell Park at the top of Hardware Gap. Continue down the mountain to Strawberry Hill and then into Kingston. From Kingston head west on the A2 or with Knutsford's to Treasure Beach. You probably want to continue on to Negril as well and then back to MoBay having done a complete loop of the island. With the availability of AirBnB you should be able to find digs that fit your pocketbook!!

    I'm envious of your trip to Vancouver and the Island!! One of my favorite places in Canada!! it was my go to place to scout and recruit players!! Nothing against Manitoba or anything but I really liked the Western kids!! My perfect world would be a place on Vancouver Island for the summer and a Cool Runnings spot in JA for winters!!

    Have fun,

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