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Thread: should the blog function be used for trip reports?

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    should the blog function be used for trip reports?

    I saw clarity's report under blogs and am wondering if there is an advantage to posting photos and trip stories in the blog format instead of the regular message board. Can people reply to posts in a blog? I guess I am going to have to experiment and figure out more--I have just barely gotten the hang of this forum and posting photos. I want to figure out to how best do a trip report for upcoming trip.

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    Good question.

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    No disrespect to anyone but I never read Blogs. I would far sooner see trip reports on the "regular" board than try to find them somewhere else.
    Irie Sue

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    I guess users could blog their trip reports but I think most users will be posting to the board or at least linking their blog to a board post.

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    Irie - I'm just moving my trip report from the old board into the new blog format. This way my finished trip report will all be in one place. I think it's great that Rob added that new feature. You can comment on blog entries the same way you would to any post in the forum. You can also subscribe to a blog and get updates when there is a new entry.

    As far as new trip report updates go, I agree with SLP... it would be hard to find them in people's blogs. I would prefer to see them as new posts in the forum so I don’t miss any. I’m going to continue posting newest updates in the forum and archiving it in my blog. There is a cool "Blog this post" button for anyone that wants to have the travel report also stored in their blog

    There are so many great new features in this forum.
    I’m really not a fan of the new limit on images per post though…

    I’m really looking forward to hearing about your trip when you return!! Your trip is coming up soon! How is everything going?
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    Carpe Diem

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    That sounds like the best way to go, Clarity--reporting in this message forum and then moving to a blog to keep the full report. Thanks for telling me about the blog this post button. I am really glad you moved your days 1-3 over here!

    I can't believe my trip is coming up so soon! I I am so glad I have one more weekend to get ready for it. I had a boatload of things I was going to do last weekend, including finding and laundering my summer clothes--then the elevator in my bld broke--so no trips to the laundry mat. And since I couldn't do the laundry--I didn't bother to find the clothes. So it goes.

    But I did get a swimsuit, and some tshirts. I am hoping my shorts still fit cuz I have plenty of them. Otherwise it will be a trip to the thrift store and old navy. The cats are still being crazy and trying to fight--even when one is in the kitty condo--ridiculous little fur buckets. And I can't expect them to get over it by the trip so I am thinking of boarding one. But I decided to try to stop stressing about that--what is, is.

    Wrapping up my deadline at work is kinda nuts, but that is to be expected and there have been lots of lulls while I wait for proofs (I work at a magazine) and during those lulls I am hooked to negril.com--I always get hyperactive on the board before trips.
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