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Thread: Can't leave resort

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    Re: Can't leave resort

    We have the same concern and scheduled month of travel - my wife and I are both considered essential workers so with a few more temperature checks we should be good to go - at least under current CDC guidelines. I hope the same for you and yours!

    Quote Originally Posted by ukran1ans View Post
    As long as NYS doesn't force me into a 2 week quarantine when coming back from Jamaica, I'll be heading down in Nov.

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    Re: Can't leave resort

    Thanks for the clarification Rob. Often hard to read inflection in the written word. Glad to see Westender has now been certified. We have 3 days in the honeymoon suite and 9 days at White Sands in December. I hope changing resorts 3 days into our stay doesn't cause problems. We very much need this trip. By the time December rolls around it will be more than a year since we have come "home".
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    Re: Can't leave resort

    We've passed the time where we would normally book for January,from outside Chicago, like 60 miles, I kinda feel like it would be selfish of me personally to travel to Jamaica under the current situation in the U.S. The state of Illinois has actually done alright but,,,,
    Quote Originally Posted by Accompong View Post
    I think it is a little risky to use today's situation with the COVID virus and project what things will be like in November and December when you (as well as I) travel to Jamaica. Jamaica has too much to lose if they don't keep a lid on things and they can't afford to ban travelers completely from the US.

    I am hoping Jamaica will get better and better at working with a set of US visitors who will be coming from states where there is currently no sign of control. Something needs to happen HERE in the US to make things better in Jamaica.

    A lot of good and bad can happen in the months between now and then.


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