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Thread: Comforts of Home Nursing Services - off for the seaspn

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    Comforts of Home Nursing Services - off for the seaspn

    Hi folks!
    I came into Mobay in September hoping for the best. After the one hour process in airport and assessment of Negril, I have made an educated decision to be at home working in Minnesota for the season. I can do more "good" here and feel it was the best decision. I will not be taking my normal season of PreRegistered clients, feel free to reach out if you have questions as I will reason case by case if needed. We all have much to learn yet on this pandemic and where it will go during flu season.
    I encourage all to carry travel medical insurance (with medivac) and read fine print to make sure it covers Covid cases, some do not! Please do not forget to war mask and avoid groups, as recommended.
    I am excited to be here for the birth of my 7th grandchild in January....I have missed a few over the years.
    Family needs to be priority right now, stay safe. Nurse Beth
    www.j.mp/comfortsJA or 651-247-29874 USA only

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    Re: Comforts of Home Nursing Services - off for the seaspn

    Enjoy your time with family and grandbabies.I will have to make sure i pack my blood pressure meds for this trip!!

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