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Thread: Pirates Cave story in Humans

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    Pirates Cave story in Humans

    From new Humans book aka Humans on NY:

    My dad is a Rasta man. He was born in the mountains. A real, real Rasta man...

    He had a marijuana farm, so we only ate when people bought our weed. And we never ate meat. Whenever we caught fish in the sea, hed make us throw them back. There were ten of us, so we never had a big education. But he taught us to love people. And to love God. And to be happy. Sometimes after school wed all go swimming at a place called Pirates Cave. The land was owned by a man named Dread Lion, and he had lots of dogs. We could never walk across the property so we swam the whole way there. And if Dread Lion ever saw us, we had to quickly jump off the cliffs. Thats how I learned to dive. Now I dive for the tourists and they give me tips. I save the coins in a little pan, and pick at it when the seas are rough. Id like to buy a little house one day. And maybe have a boat. And a nice woman to take care of me. But if I dont get all the things I want, I wont complain. Im going to love God the same way. And treat people the same way. And be happy the same way.


    Photo of author of story:
    Humans https://www.amazon.com/dp/1250114292..._UGhIFbMMGXR67

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