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Thread: Little Bay Country Club

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    Little Bay Country Club

    Looking for some feedback ......
    I use Airbnb and Vrbo here in the states for my travels
    been hitting the rock since 1997.. Many visits to many properties... With today's travel restrictions I logged on to the web engines
    I was impressed with Little Bay Country Club and the multiple properties that are available
    Yes I know they are in Bloody Bay,,,My first trip to Negril was Couples Negril
    My question is , can I get some feedback on this property?
    I am open to exploring this option...Condo and secluded property which might be comfortable for My travel guests,, will be first timers and young adults
    Your thoughts ???

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    Re: Little Bay Country Club

    The properties are new, and very nice.

    But I do not think that they are Covid Resilient certified.

    Write the JTB or Ministry of Tourism and ask. Otherwise you would have to quarantine 14 days.
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    Re: Little Bay Country Club

    Hey Negrilbound,

    Excellent property with a nice variety of units to rent. Probably the safest/most secure "gated" community in Negril not to mention one of the most well kept. It's nice to be able to walk Bloody Bay (avoid the 7 Mile higglers) as well as have your own private beach and a huge infinity pool. If there is anything specific that you would like to know please reach out.

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