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Thread: Ready to travel

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    Ready to travel

    As of this morning we are approved for travel!! We were tested on Tuesday, received negative results in less than 24 hours. Friday we applied for travel authorization and the website went down. Just another little bump in blood pressure. waited until this morning and used the question/information link on first page of travel authorization. I was contacted within minutes letting me know that our applications were not in the system and that we could reapply. Took about 5 minutes to complete the form and we received instant approval!!

    Being from the US our biggest challenge was being tested. A few weeks ago we had planned to use our health departmentís drive through testing. Unfortunately with the surge in cases and with their new requirement of needing an appointment being made on the day of the test the risk of not getting an appointment was too great. The wife and I each contacted our physicians and were able to get appointments at local labs.

    A word of warning, make certain the lab being used meets the requirements. That was the most difficult/stressful part of the process. Our health department is now using multiple labs due to the surge and some met the requirements some did not. They were not going to be able to tell us which lab until we tried to make the test appointment on day of. That wasnít going to work. We gave our physicians the lab requirements and it even took them a day to confirm their certification. Donít wait on this process, start a few weeks out. Everything is changing day by day but at least you can find out options from your physician and confirm lab certification through the visit Jamaica website.

    Is all the hassle and stress worth it?? YES!!

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    Re: Ready to travel

    The VisitJamaica authorization site and it's email verification hasn't been working this PM this Saturday.

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