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Thread: Do I bring my old iPhone or purchase a Digicel phone?

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    Do I bring my old iPhone or purchase a Digicel phone?

    My husband and I have been going to Jamaica for many years but have never purchased a SIM card. This is all so confusing to me. Should I bring my old IPhone 8 and get a SIM card in Jamaica or should I purchase a phone from Digicel? Iím also confused about unlocking my phone. My phone company says that me phone is no longer locked because Iíve upgraded my phone. How can I ensure that? My current carrier offers an international plan at 35 cents per call and 35 cents per text. Iím not sure if Digicelís plan would be better or what weíre looking at to purchase phones from them? Any advice is appreciated!

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    Re: Do I bring my old iPhone or purchase a Digicel phone?

    Yes, bring your old iPhone and get a new sim card. Just don't lose your regular sim card! When you buy your new card, it will come in an envelope; put your old card in the envelope and bring a quart size Ziploc to keep it in. There's an advantage in having a Jamaica number that you can give out freely and then don't have to worry about spam calls when you're back home. The Digicel plans can be confusing, but you can take a cheap plan then add money in small amounts as needed. Buy a few dollars' worth of cards for additional minutes so you have them handy if needed, then use any remaining ones as tips when you leave.

    Be sure what your vendor offers on your current plan. "International calls" may mean calls from the US to other countries, but not calls made in other countries. They may offer a short-term expansion of your plan that will cover you. Also, be clear on roaming and data charges.

    Personally, as we go back to Jamaica every year, we keep a Jamaica number active: every 3 months, I put the Digicel sim card in the iPhone, add the minimum number of minutes to keep the number active, then switch the sim card back. I think it's worth the convenience to have our driver know our number when we arrive, etc.; YMMV.

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    Re: Do I bring my old iPhone or purchase a Digicel phone?

    For the last few trips, we've asked our driver from the airport to swing by a Digicel store on the way to our hotel. We purchase a sim card with a plan that allows for local calls/texts and calls/texts to the USA (our home). The Digicel rep usually installs the card and makes sure all is operational. It's been very convenient for us to have a local phone. Yes, your phone does need to be unlocked in order to accept a new card. The company where you purchased the phone should be able to tell you if it is unlocked. Most companies require that you own your phone outright before they will unlock it. In other words, if you are paying for your phone in monthly installments on your bill, they won't unlock it until you've paid off the phone.

    Maybe this link will help too.


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