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Thread: The M&M Trip report is back!!!!

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    Re: The M&M Trip report is back!!!!

    You must be busy. We see your chairs but they are always empty!!

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    Re: The M&M Trip report is back!!!!

    Rumlover - yes we have been busy, but today is a nothing but beach day for us so we should be in front of Rondel, at Tony's or at Sunnyside.

    Here are a few more pics from yesterday and this morning's beach walk:

    We went to Red Dragon yesterday and the beer truck pulled up. Just a small delivery today though, they brought some Heineken. It is in short supply on the island at the moment,

    Name:  truck.jpg
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    Further out west-end road they were doing a little construction, I love watching Jamaican road projects. This was just a small part of what they were doing. They were also paving the road around Church Corner and out towards Canoe Bar.

    Name:  Road.jpg
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    We also stopped by the Misti Blue bar in the parking lot of Quality Traders (AKA the Green Store) and got a pizza. I would rate it a good solid 4 on the 1-5 scale. Loaded with toppings and gooey cheese!! Sorry, no pic of the pizza, but here is a pic of the bar complete with what has to be one of the biggest TVs I've ever seen.

    Name:  Bar.jpg
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    On the beach walk today I took a picture up at Dr Love's place. He always keeps the beach so nice and tidy.

    Name:  Dr Love.jpg
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    Tony's hut has a new mascot. Sasko is her name. She looks a little thin, as if she needs something to eat.

    Name:  sasko.jpg
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    Ran into Flex and restocked on Juice at the end of my walk.

    Name:  Juice.jpg
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    More updates later in the week.

    One Love!!!


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    Re: The M&M Trip report is back!!!!

    Love your trip report! Much needed.

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    Re: The M&M Trip report is back!!!!

    Monty & Melo,

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you & Thank you!!
    Great stuff!

    More please!!!



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    Re: The M&M Trip report is back!!!!

    Thanks for taking the time away from your trip to post this!

    Hanging on every word so far!
    "Knowledge, logic, reason, and common sense serve better than a dozen rule books."
    -- E. Gary Gygax

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    Re: The M&M Trip report is back!!!!

    A few fun days have gone by since the last post. Thursday I went on a fishing excursion in MoBay, Friday we hung out on the beach all day and yesterday we took a boat ride and hit Catcha for dinner to beat the Valentine's day "rush."

    The Thursday fishing trip was an adventure for sure (isn't almost anything an adventure in Jamaica?!?!?!?). I accompanied a friend from Negril on the trip. Left Negril at 5am and arrived at the Montego Bay Yacht Club just after 6am. No traffic on the road that early, we were almost to Orange Bay before we saw the first car!!! Anyway, we had a few boat troubles and didn't end up leaving the dock until after 8, but we managed to reel in the "bigwhan" on the 2nd to last cast. I am 100% not a fisherman, I think because my only experience before now was fishing with my dad in lakes and rivers at home, but the sea fishing is great, and I really enjoyed myself. It will definitely be something that I do again!!

    Here's the "bigwhan" a 10-12lb snapper!!!

    Name:  fish.jpg
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    Friday was pretty much a beach day, as we just took turns going to bars on the beach and then Happy Hour at Rondel. Here are a few highlights of the day:

    On my morning walk I took a picture of "Booby Key." I thought it was a nice shot through the foliage.

    Name:  Booby.jpg
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    Back at Dr Love's place a Pelican landed on a branch with a Jamaican flag hanging from as I was walking by and I snapped a quick photo.

    Name:  Flag.jpg
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    The Sunset Friday night was awesome!!!! Great end to another great day in Negril.

    Name:  IMG_1571.jpg
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    A few shots from Saturdays Boat ride:

    Canoe Bar from the sea:

    Name:  Canoe.jpg
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    Blue Cave Castle:

    Name:  Blue.jpg
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Size:  350.1 KB

    The new building at Samsara looks nice:

    Name:  Samsar.jpg
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    After the boat ride it was off to dinner at Catcha. What a great night it was. A few pics from there:

    Beautiful Sunset:

    Name:  Catcha.jpg
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    The Happy Couple:

    Name:  Copule.jpg
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    Table View:

    Name:  Table.jpg
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    That's all for today's post, I echo what Bucky posted in their trip report. The people are as positive and hopeful as ever despite what is going on here. One of the reasons we keep coming back.

    Also, it sounds like the weather may "force" us to stay a few days longer, getting ready to call the airline now and figure that out. Damn the luck!!!!


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    Re: The M&M Trip report is back!!!!

    We did end up extending our stay due to the weather, and we returned home on Wednesday rather than Monday. We made the best of the extra time. We rebooked on Sunday, so we got that out of the way and were able to enjoy Monday and Tuesday without having to mess with talking to airlines. It was over a 2 hour wait to talk to American Airlines, but luckily they offered to call me when it was my turn, so we took advantage and swam for about an hour before going to Tony's and await their call. We spent the rest of the day at the hotel, while Monday we went to Red Ground in the afternoon and Tuesday stayed around the beach and then went for out Covid test across from Coco. After the test we did a mini pub crawl with some friends where we visited Red Dragon and Collette's (our friends had never been to Red Ground, but I think we made regulars out of them because they really enjoyed themselves). We ended up at Misti Blue at the Quality Traders and once again their pizza was excellent. We got the Ham and Pineapple, while our friends got the Jerk Chicken. Very good all around. We were having so much fun that we almost overstayed curfew. Soon enough they were kicking A few pictures from the last few days of the trip:

    On my morning walk one morning I caught a few minutes of this soccer game being played on the beach in front of waves. Not quite the Premier League, but entertaining nonetheless.

    Name:  futbol.jpg
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    The Sunday Night Sunset lasted forever. This pic was taken a full half hour after the sun touched the horizon. Beautiful.

    Name:  late sunset.jpg
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    On my last morning walk of the trip, on Wednesday morning. I miss my morning beach walk more than anything from the trip.

    Name:  Last walk.jpg
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    And finally, the last breakfast view of the trip. Why is it always so beautiful on the last day????

    Name:  Last Breakfast.jpg
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    We are already in discussion for the next trip, probably in June and we'll also head down sometime in the fall, maybe in early December for our anniversary. Until then we will depend on our memories!!

    Thanks for following along!!


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    Re: The M&M Trip report is back!!!!

    Beautiful photos! That was a nice size snapper! Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: The M&M Trip report is back!!!!

    Did that snapper taste as good as it looks?
    I've been itching to get back, and I think your talk of morning beach walks and the fact that you were in our seats at Ivan's, push us to make the move.

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