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Thread: no wanna go home, no wanna go home!

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    no wanna go home, no wanna go home!

    another newbie hooked and planning the next trip. Even going to cancel a cruise I have booked.
    There was no jumping on the bed when I arrived, or putting on the bikini and walking the beach (they would have paid me money to put my clothes on), but just the "feeling". I can't put into words (but I know you understand). Made some very good friends...will be sad leaving for the airport tomorrow morning!

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    Nooo...dont cancel the cruise!!! lol....hellooo

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    Is home so bad?
    Linston's Zion Hill Taxi

    Captain Dave

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    I say, good for you!!! I remember my first visit to Negril, it was in 1998 and it was just amazing. I fell in love with the people, the vibe, the sea, the sand, the sun...........I could go on. I'm so happy to hear that you got the Negril bug. It's catchy.

    Islander - Brynn
    Looking forward to our next visit to beautiful Jamaica! See you soon!!

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    I think we can all relate!

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