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Thread: Canadians Rock & have done us proud 👍

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    Canadians Rock & have done us proud 👍

    Many countries have thankfully stepped up to the plate...but since I'm Canadian...I'm going after you All again....repeating....
    Since Canadians are still not able to travel to Jamaica until maybe June or July now...
    I'm pleading for your help...from one Canadian to another.

    However you see it...either you chose to postpone your beautiful Jamaican vacation until you felt it was safe to travel again...or...you felt you got screwed by the Gov't cancelling flights to the Caribbean...no judgement from me...but...

    Our friends here in Negril really need your help & I'm not too shy to beg!

    Your contributions will & do make a huge difference in their lives until you can get back here once again.

    Please don't hesitate to help our small businesses struggling to survive...it's only one good night out on the town or depending on where you stay...a night or two at a hotel/resort.

    Thank you in advance ❣️


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    Re: Canadians Rock & have done us proud 👍

    Everyone's been incredibly generous & continuing to do so!

    Please believe us...when we say this is making a huge difference in our friends lives and will help these businesses to survive for your return to Negril. 🙏


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