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Thread: White Sands - good choice?

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    Re: White Sands - good choice?

    I’m returning for my first time in August. My hubs passed in March. I had credits at several places because of Covid. I have 3 trips pla bet now and August. I will be T CCLP in Feb. it’s actually a little big and modern for my taste. I will be at White sands for my first time in November. I don’t think you will be disappointed. The price is hard to beat.

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    Re: White Sands - good choice?

    White Sands in our newest "go to" place. We love it and return for our third trip there in December.

    My buddy wanted to go to Negril and booked Grand Pineapple after I directly told him not to. Guess what, he booked thru a third party (I told him not to do that either) and since Grand Pineapple is closing he's losing his deposit. I really wish people would listen to those of us that's been there a few times
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