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Thread: Your Incredible Support will...

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    Your Incredible Support will...

    Our project of supporting small businesses of Negril will continue, but with a twist. We did not expect to be keeping the contributions and donations going into the Fall, but here we are.

    Our original target goal which we discussed at the beginning of the project with the small businesses was reached with your INCREDIBLE support and we couldn't be more Thankful. But the need continues.

    After recently speaking with the businesses who have benefited by your generous contributions so far, a group decision was made to expand the contributions to other businesses. Although still in need, each of the original businesses have been able to name another small business that they feel need critical support right now.

    This will allow another 13 small businesses in Negril to benefit from the continuing contribution project bringing the total to 26.

    With the tightened curfew hours and no entertainment or party permits being granted, this is putting further strain on many small businesses.

    With your continued help, we can prevent people from losing their livelihood, homes and keep food on the table.

    To contribute to the cause, please visit https://negrilstore.com
    Negril.com - For the vacation that never ends!

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    Cool Re: Your Incredible Support will...

    That's great Rob! Will you be publishing the names of the additional businesses coming on board?

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    Re: Your Incredible Support will...

    Quote Originally Posted by JahLove View Post
    That's great Rob! Will you be publishing the names of the additional businesses coming on board?
    We are still dealing with that, the original businesses don't necessarily want to be known as the ones that recommend a particular "struggling" business. It can come off wrong for both parties.

    We are still working out the details, but the new businesses will know that money came from a "contribution group" from Negril.com and the Negril Store.

    Should the new businesses want to thank everyone, we are proposing that they do it similar to the original videos when the first contributions were distributed. You will know who they are but they may not know the business entity that recommended them.

    This was an unforeseen generous reaction by the original small businesses and we don't want anyone to feel badly. No proud business owner really wants a handout, but extraordinary times require extraordinary measures.

    Thank you all for your gracious, meaningful support!
    Negril.com - For the vacation that never ends!

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