ol’yardie here again with an update. we’re still at LTU and being well taken care of as always while we work to see about matters back home in nola. our neighbor (who stayed) sent us pics. insurance company has assigned contractors who hope to get the tree off our roof and tarp it on saturday. leaks in the kitchen (under the tree) caused partial ceiling collapse and filled glasses in one cabinet with water lol.
two hours on the phone yesterday with SWA finally found a flight open into nola on 9/12 but we have to leave MBJ on 9/11 and overnight in orlando before flight to nola. hopefully, power will be on by the time we get there and we will be able to get on with it. city is “all mash up” but at least not flooded like after katrina. thanks for all the well wishes from boardies. LTU is the best evacuation spot a boy could have.