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Thread: Ever since the question was asked...

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    Ever since the question was asked...

    About the "Negril rate of infection", I have been contemplating and trying to collect all my thoughts about the viability of coming to Jamaica in the very short term, say in the next couple weeks. The CDC just put Jamaica on the Red list but left out other reasons that have been on my mind that would effect your vacation.

    At the present time, under no circumstance would I advise a non fully vaccinated person to visit Jamaica. The community spread is currently too high to risk exposure, and the hospitals are already overwhelmed as it is. Even for the fully vaccinated, I would expect you to have travel insurance with air-lift medical emergency transport off the island should you get a "breakthrough" infection which seem to be happening more often.

    But what isn't, or hasn't been mentioned to my knowledge is the effect of no-movement days on your vacation. Three out of each seven days you would be in Negril, but its not the Negril you deserve. We have at least one more week of these 3 day lockdowns. They might be working as of yesterday, although the number of new infections was high, the number of tests was the highest ever. Yesterday was the first day in 3 weeks we have had a Covid positive infection testing rate under 30%. We have been hovering around 50% of those tested being positive for Covid.

    So while that is good news, until we hear more from the Prime Minister about the ending of the no movement days, I would delay any travel plans to Jamaica unless you are fully vaccinated and willing to put up with no movement days locked down to your hotel.

    Dream Weekend seems to have been a tragic misjudgment and we are all paying the price for it here. Businesses in Negril are closing because of the no-movement days, and while your visiting would help the economy, there are still 3 days that your time here would not help the small businesses.

    If you are still interested in helping the small businesses of Negril, please contribute to our small business project at the Negril Store. https://negrilstore.com

    Hopefully these no movement days will help bring the numbers down quickly, but until that time, unless you are fully vaccinated and have good travel insurance, for your safety and ours, please delay your trip.
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    Re: Ever since the question was asked...

    Thank you for this information Rob!

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    Re: Ever since the question was asked...

    Rob, i realize your role is to promote Negril. i m sure all of us on the board are appreciative of your unbiased comment . we are planned for our valentines day trip so lets hope things are under control by then.

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    Re: Ever since the question was asked...

    OMG, Rob, thanks a lot for your honest evaluation of the situation. Can't believe we just made it to Negril and back without any harm at the tail end of this darn Dream Weekend with our scheduled departure during the first no movement block of days... It breaks my heart thinking of what businesses and people in general and in the healthcare system must be going through right now. We can only hope that the spread will stop soon! The Negril beach when we were there was just as beautiful as ever...

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    Re: Ever since the question was asked...

    Thanks very much for the valuable info !

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    Re: Ever since the question was asked...


    That has to be one of the toughest posts you have written since 1996!

    Looking forward to the day, this is behind us and we can enjoy much need time on the rock!


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