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This was the latest official increase which was universally panned by the drivers. The increase for the Negril routes went up a whopping J$5.... about 3.5 US cents. Not exactly much of an increase. For each 100 passengers, the driver would be able to purchase a cold Heineken... but with gas going up the same J$5 per LITRE in January alone, the increase means virtually nothing.

Some drivers are sticking to J$150 to not have to deal with the change hassle, while others are rounding up, some all the way to J$200. The driver unions are bargaining for the $200 rate as none really want to deal with coins.

But all that being said, if you are on a tourist visa, you are not allowed to use the locals route taxi system.

And from a common sense standpoint, even fully vaccinated and boosted, you have probably increased your odds of testing positive for Omicron that is running rampant worldwide by 10 fold. Save those couple dollars, disregard the rules and and win an extended 5 day minimum stay in quarantine!

Be smart, not cheap...